Digital and Analog Photography Seattle WA all work is my own

Wow thank you, it’s cool to hear I even might have a style, it’s pretty hard for me to see it myself but thanks so much! There is a quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson that says “Your first ten thousand photographs are your worst.” You can improve as a photographer by simply doing it often, and with freedom. Give yourself the authority to make mistakes and get better, and to even enjoy the mistakes.. because they are opportunities that provide insight on how to improve. Get the fundamentals of operating your camera down, full manual mode, so that you yourself dictate the picture, making decisions as an artist, not the camera taking over the process. Indeed get tons of inspiration from other photographers and emulate their styles to broaden your vision of capturing the world around you, but at the same time never sacrifice your own passion and style because that is what keeps you going. It should be fun and not a competition or feeling of inferiority, because that will rob you of the joy in the experience. Thanks again!!

Oh my goodness you’re so nice! 

No I wish I did though!!

Yeah don’t mention it :) I’m glad I could be somewhat helpful! 

Thanks so much!

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